In recent decades, discussions pertaining to quality have undergone significant changes, resulting in the formation of various attitudes towards the concept of quality. Each of these attitudes offers a unique perspective and interpretation of quality. At least five different approaches to quality have been identified. The first approach, known as customer-oriented quality, defines quality as the ability to respond to customer demands. In this approach, the producer's focus is on meeting the customer's demands and expectations. The second approach, from a production standpoint, measures quality by the degree of conformity of the product with a design or specification. The third approach, product-oriented quality, considers quality as the number of valuable features in a product. Another attitude expresses an abstract concept of quality perception, whereby people recognize quality easily wherever they see it. The fifth attitude considers quality as the amount of benefits of a product with a suitable price (for the customer) and an acceptable cost (for the producer). However, not all of these attitudes can play an equal role in creating a competitive advantage. The most effective approach is the value-oriented view, which balances the interests of the customer and the producer in an effective and balanced way. Customer satisfaction is a crucial factor in attracting buyers for large companies. Satisfied customers tend to repeat their purchases and share their positive experiences with others. To attract customers, companies must ensure that their performance meets their expectations. Smart companies aim for customer delight and avoid making promises they cannot keep. With extensive knowledge, experience, and a long history, Bahraman places quality as the main, inviolable, and fundamental aspect of its production and supply of products. The company insists on maintaining this important and fundamental pillar, which is the key to its durability and reputation. Bahraman has achieved this precious achievement by considering the wishes and opinions of its customers, and through honest and dynamic efforts in this challenging path. The company considers the trust and satisfaction of its customers as an irreplaceable capital and a great support, and will always be grateful for this valuable blessing.