Approximately seventy percent of the human body weight is comprised of water. The world's water supply is divided into 97% saltwater and 3% freshwater, with less than 1% of the total freshwater being available for consumption. The remaining freshwater is located in glaciers and polar regions. Water is an essential chemical and a vital liquid for the survival of living organisms. Aquatic animals, particularly fish, require water to live, while plants absorb their nutritional needs through their roots. Many chemical reactions and metabolisms in both humans and animals occur in water environments. Water is also utilized as a fluid for heat transfer, heating workplaces and living spaces, and cooling devices and car engines. These are just a few examples of the many uses and roles of water in life. It is important to note that approximately eight million children under the age of five die annually in third-world countries due to a lack of drinking water and sanitation facilities. In these countries, 80% of diseases and 33% of deaths are caused by the use of contaminated water. The aforementioned information serves as a summary of the irreplaceable characteristics and values of water as a source of life and prosperity, as well as its current status and importance in the world. It also serves as a warning to appreciate this divine blessing and use it with compassion. The value and importance of water are widely recognized, and the decreasing amount of freshwater in the world has led to natural crises such as drought, various diseases, and environmental pollution. It is time to consider this honorable gift a precious treasure and make a concerted effort to preserve and use it properly. "Bahraman" is committed to preserving this delicate capital and ensuring the light of water shines brightly. This precious divine gift is viewed as a shining gem, and it is hoped that dear Iran, the land of love, poetry, and faith, will continue to prosper with an ever-increasing supply of fresh water.